Kalchi Tikka Masala Soya

Quick Recipes recently collaborated with Kalchi. They have a variety of dips and spreads of traditional curries. You can try these when you are running late or craving restaurant style delicacies in this pandemic! The amazing part is you can get door step delivery service from them as well! If you don’t want to go out to grocery store you can still get these by ordering online.

To buy visit – https://kalchi.in/collections/all

Soya Tikka Masala with Tikka Masala Dip by Kalchi

I decided to prepare this delicious recipe with the Tikka Masala Dip and Spread by Kalchi. The dip has perfect blend of spices which makes cooking really easy and home made food tastes just like your favourite restaurant makes it.

Soya Tikka Masala recipe full video


• Boiled Soya Chunks – 2 cups

• Tikka Masala Dip and Spread by Kalchi – 3 tablespoons

• Capsicum (diced) – 1 cup

• Onions (diced) – 1 cup

• 2 tablespoon oil


• Add boiled soya chunks and vegetables in a bowl and marinate with Tikka Masala Dip and Spread by Kalchi.

Pro tip : Add generous amount of this dip

• Mix well and keep aside for 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Marination enhance flavours

• Heat oil in a non-stick pan. Add soya chunks and vegetables. Cook until oil separates.

• Keep stirring every 2 minutes.

• Pair it with rumali rotis or have it just like that as an appetizer. It tastes amazing both ways.

Approximately 250 rs. for each jar

These jars of goodness are fairly priced and are definitely worth a try.

Comment down below if you tried this recipe at home. If yes, then how it turned out?

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