Radisson Blu, Kaushambi is a luxury hotel located in near East Delhi. The hotel is economical in comparison to other hotels of same standard located in the city centre. This place has a number of options to choose from for gourmet dining. Hotel has 3 restaurants, 1 bar and a bakery. We chose to dine at the Avatar.

Avatar, radisson blu kaushambi

Radisson Blu, Kaushambi

Avatar is a multi-cuisine restaurant which is 24/7 operational. From dosas to pizza and dal rice to risotto, this place serves delicacies from all over the world making it ideal for both tourists and locals.


Main highlight of this place is the massive counter for buffet which is right at the entrance of the restaurant. Walking through the aisle of delicious food will surely make you drool. Large dining space and fine dining interiors uplifts the ambience. This place looks more appealing at night.

Our best pick

Pizza Primevera
Farmhouse Pizza
Pizza Primevera ( INR. 650+ taxes)

Being a true lover of Italian cuisine I could not resist myself from ordering pizza after looking at the pizza section on the menu. They serve variety of thin crust pizza with different toppings. You can always request to get customized topping for as customer satisfaction is their priority.

We ordered pizza primevera, which has a thin crust base loaded with a selection of vegetables. Fermented all-purpose flour is stretched and slathered with marinara sauce made with premium quality tomatoes and herbs. A generous helping of fresh mozerella cheese is then added over the sauce. Stretched dough is finally topped with bell peppers, mushrooms, olive, onions and jalapenos which adds color to the classic tomato sauce and cheese combination. It is the baked in a pre-heated oven until cheese melts and base becomes crisp.

Stringy and gooey cheese holds the vegetables together and streches upon biting into the pizza. Pizza seasoning and red chilli flakes are served on the side so that you can add same as per your liking.

Fresh vegetables as topping on the pizza makes up for all the junk food indulgence. On the side, we opted for the regular diet soda. Although, a variety of refreshing drinks are available to choose from. They also serve alcoholic drinks and you may order the same if age permits.

Our experience at this place was amazing. Delicious food and heart-warming hospitality is all what we crave for and this is one of those place where you can experience it. If you are travelling anywhere near East Delhi, then this place definitely deserves a visit!

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Thai Munchy Rolls at The Art House Cafe

Thai Munchy Rolls and Iced Cappuccino
for 950 rs. (approx)

The Art House Cafe is situated in the heart of Delhi , that is Cannaught Place. It is an art gallery themed cafe located in N block of CP where you can easily visit by metro or your personal vehicle.

This Art gallery cum casual dining restaurant in a perfect place to visit with friends if you are an art lover. Paintings by young and creative artists are displayed on cafe’s wall for sale.

I visited there with my friends and we ordered a number of delicious items but what I loved the most was their Thai Munchy Rolls which I paired with Iced Cappuccino, so I decided to write a blog post on this fabulous dish.

These were the gourmet version of your regular street side spring rolls. Flavours were same but textures were totally different.

Roll’s wrapper was super thin and crispy! You can hear the loud crunch as soon as you bite into that spring roll. Vegetables filled in the rolls were very juicy and fresh. Filling was mildly seasoned with garlic and chillies. Thai munchy rolls were served with sweet honey and chilli sauce which is the soul of this dish. It adds the perfect amount of spice and sweetness required to balance the flavours and textures of crispy rolls.

A good drink is a must when having deep fried rolls and I love my coffee so I decided to order Iced Cappuccino from their drinks menu. Iced Cappuccino was thick, creamy and smooth. Generous amount of ice cubes were added to it to make it super chilled.

Another good feature which deserves appreciation at this place was the buzzer at their tables. We can easily press the buzzer if we want to place an order or any other support from the staff.

My experience at this place was great and I would definitely recommend you to visit there.

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