Best luxury restaurant in Grurgram

Best luxury restaurant in Gurugram is definitely “Spectra”. This award winning restaurant is housed in “The Leela Ambience Gurugram Hotel & Residences“. It is operational 24 hours a day, ready to welcome the guests. Here you can savour after hour specials, signature drinks or a cup of your favourite hot beverage.

Spectra is a multi-cuisine restaurant, with a huge variety in the food being served. This massive restaurant with a seating capacity of 200+ people is capable of serving to both walk-in guests and parties arranged at the property together. It features amusing design of culinary islands with live kitchens which will surely boost up your appetite.



Spectra is a huge restaurant but each of it’s nook and corner has been paid extra attention while designing. This place is built with such a perfection that you will fail to point out a single flaw.

As soon as you enter the restaurant, you will be amazed to see their wide collection of liquors, displayed right at the entrance. Flooring is made of thick glass sheets which glows up because of the lights underneath the flooring. As you walk down the main aisle, you can see the live counter. Exotic meals from all across the globe are cooked right in front of the guests making them drool. Hall is lit up with gorgeous chandeliers which totally compliments the vibe of this place.

You will feel no less than a royal, being looked after by a fleet of highly trained hospitality professionals, as you sip on to your favourite sangria and relish exotic antipasti.



Being a multi-cuisine restaurant, chefs here have mastered all the cuisines, so it was very difficult to pick the best out of all that was served. Although, I loved a lot more things than what I am mentioning in my blog, below are dishes which I would like to share my reviews on.


Western mains were the main highlight of the buffet spread, as unlike other places it had been curated following the authentic recipes. Fusilli pasta in alfredo sauce is a classic recipe which never fails to impress if made the right way. Perfectly cooked pasta drenched in silky smooth sauce made out of heavy cream, cheese and butter, topped with fresh parsley is a pure bliss. Spaghetti in arabiatta sauce is another classic which a lot of newbies mess up with, but here it was made by none other than the MasterChef of this lavish property, so it had to be good. Thick durum wheat spaghetti tossed in extra-virgin olive oil and chunky tomato sauce with a dash of salt and pepper swept me off my feet as I took the first bite.


Asian mains had atleast six to seven varities but kung pao eggplant is what tantalized my taste buds. I am still shook by the fact that something as simple as an eggplant can be made so fancy. Batter fried eggplants were tossed with the kung pao hot sauce and topped with the premium quality sesame oil for the hint of nuttiness. Stir-fried vegetables is the old school dish which needs no interference with flavours in the name of fusion and I am glad, that is what the chef followed. Garden fresh vegetables tossed in sesame oil, tossed with a selection of oriental sauces is the ultimate comfort food. It is healthy, satisfying and full filling at the same time.


Dining experience at this place would cost you around INR. 2500 + taxes (per person). Cost is high but so is the service, value and food quality, so the amount is absolutely justified.


The Leela Ambience Convention Hotel, Birthday 2019

The Leela Ambience Convention Hotel is a 5 star property situated in East Delhi. It is the perfect option if you are looking for a staycation in New Delhi. You can book a room for you on weekend to pamper yourself on a special occasion or whenever you want, and that is what I and my family did last year on my birthday.

It is my birthday today and we are in lockdown. I am looking at the photos from my birthday last year and cherishing those fun moments.

We checked in our room around 12 a.m. and had lunch after sometime at cafe knosh.

Price – 950 rs + taxes

Cafe Knosh at – The Leela Ambience Convention Hotel serves the best wood-fired pizzas. My favourite one is the capricciossa pizza which is topped with exotic mushrooms , fresh mozzarella , olives and artichoke hearts.
Pizza crust is crunchy and vegetables are fresh. I can feel the burst of flavours in my mouth just by looking at this picture. Pizza is my comfort food and what else could be the best thing to order for lunch on my birthday?

Olive Rolls Served Complimentary

The things I like the most about the gourmet experiences is the complimentary goodies you get with your main order. Who doesn’t like complimentary stuff after all?

Before serving the pizza they served warm, fluffy and delicious olive rolls. They were super soft from inside and crunchy from outside, topped with big chunks of black olives which added both flavour and aroma to it. We devoured it with some salted butter.

After having lunch we took some rest in our room before taking a dip in the swimming pool. In the scorching heat of May taking a dip in chilled water is the next best thing you can do after having a gourmet meal at a 5 star restaurant.

In the night after having north indian curries and breads for dinner , we were served my customized birthday cake which we booked a day before.

I must mention this cake in my blog as it was my birthday cake which I am definitely missing this year. It was a dark chocolate cake. Soft chocolate cake was generously layered with chocolate ganache. Topping of freshly whipped cream balances out the bitterness of dark chocolate making it a perfect dessert.

I am definitely looking forward to celebrate my birthday there after the lockdown ends. Although it won’t be that special as it would have been if celebrated today but it will still make me happy.

Comment down below if lockdown has ruined your birthday as well?